Our group of fourteen meet at Grove for check in. Bags were tagged, and weighed and stowed on the bus. Paul Klassen of Hope for Israel gave the traditional Jewish blessing on our group, and Pastor Mark Becton also prayed for our safety and for the Lord’s blessing over our journey.

Then we are on our way to Dulles International Airport by way of back roads – our scenic rural route has taken is though Mineral and Culpepper. A nice change from the highway on 95! We are in no rush as we have a later flight. We will have more then enough time to go through airport security checks and a even get a chance to grab something to eat before our flight overseas.

We are very excited to be underway!

We’d also like to extend a special thanks to the Media Team for all their work on this trip: Mary Crostic, David Sekerdy, Tal Martin, Bob Solomon, and Larry Wheeler. Oh, and of course – a big thank you to our bus driver!


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