IMG_4416Today we come to serve and the venue is Joseph’s Store House. We will work in a warehouse in Abu Gosh, just a few miles outside of the city of Jerusalem. We are met by Ariel, and she needs our help re-packing clothes that were had been donated. We repack clothes shipped in from the U.S in new boxes and then stack the boxes on palates and shrink wrap the whole thing!

We have been blessed by our trip to Israel, and we are happy to serve the people. These clothes will go to underprivileged children and adults — Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It all part of vision for Israel a charity developed Barry Segal and supported by associations such as Sar-el, and Hope for Israel.

We complete our work in the early afternoon, and then head back to our hotel to pack . It will be a very early wake up call at 2:00 a.m. as we begin the journey back to the U.S.

The experiences we have had have been very meaningful on so many levels – we will keep these memories for a life time.

Shalom Aleichem from the holy city of Jerusalem!

(editor’s note – the group will arrive back in the states in the late afternoon on Friday, August 14th. Please pray traveling mercies for them!)

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