Somewhere over Germany...

We have arrived! Around 3pm local time on March 12th, our flight from Frankfurt touched down in Ben Guiron Airport in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Our first-time pilgrims & veterans alike were thrilled to hear the sound of wheels on the tarmac – especially after travelling straight through the night! God was definitely watching over our little group & blessed us with a safe journey & the endurance to make it through a trans-Atlantic flight & German airport security. After meeting our guide for the journey, Yuval Shemesh, we boarded our tour bus & drove towards Joppa. Even though we were all very tired, we were still very excited to get our first taste of Israel. Yuval showed us where they believe the house of Simon the Tanner is located, with whom Peter stayed. Joppa is also the sea-side city that Jonah departed from on his way to Ninevah. After our first glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea, we boarded the bus to our hotel in Tel Aviv for the night. We all are very excited to have some much needed sleep so we can be rested for our first full day of sightseeing tomorrow!

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